Church of Rock Concert

  • SA 18 NOV 2023 Church of Rock
    • 20:00
  • Peter&Paul Wasch.BAR
  • Adolph-Kolping-Straße 1, 93047 Regensburg, Deutschland

This time we would like to offer you two live bands who are friends of ours in addition to the rock and metal party on two floors!
Both bands haven’t been around that long, but Everybody’s Darling (whose members were or are still active in countless bands in the region) and Drive Hunt (were also previously active in other areas) are not newcomers as musicians and know how to give you a good live show offers ! 2 euros per band, you shouldn’t miss this and support them!

On Stage:
Everybody’s Darling (Modern Metal – Regensburg)

Drive Hunt (Hard Rock – Regensburg)

Admission: 8:30 p.m. / Starts at 9 p.m
Box office: €12 (including party!!!)
From 11 p.m. party €8


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